Offices & Workspace

Frontline Exports

Here is our concept for the office of Frontline Exports Pvt. Ltd. which is one of the top processors and exporters of premium-grade frozen fish products, with a long history in the international market. Located in Aroor, Kerala, India.

Designed in a modern eclectic style with a ship & props all over to immerse you deep into the world of the ocean.

The reception is anchored with a deep marine blue cement finish wall with a brass logo where a reflection of daylight passes through a ship window placed on the right side of the reception.

The Md room is a dedicated space for md cabin as well as a meeting space differentiated by fine profile sliding doors, the space being in green and grey with a contrast of yellow arm chairs, black marble, fluted panels, baffle ceiling, and magnetic profiles with wall accents as paper boat ship made in brass metal and an emphasized pirate’s wheel near the md desk to enhance luxe feel. Wooden plank flooring is also adopted to complement the ancient ship concept.

A hallway with ship-themed hand rails on the first floor divides the room into a pantry, prayer area, and workstation via ship-themed doors with round glazed sight panes. The blue Moroccan prayer region lies next to the pantry, which has a nautical feel. The overhead lights fashioned with flexible neon in wave shapes for the pantry station and the cabinets dressed in a burnt red finish brings the contrast.

Metal barriers inspired by waves divide the walkway to the lab and workstations. A piece of a container with the “Frontline Exports” name on it, Iceberg-shaped barrisol lighting, and minimal fish motif wall art in the workstation kept our concept alive.

Frontline Exports
Eranakulam, Kerala, India
4000 Sq Ft