Offices & Workspace

Fortune Tours

A dynamic office space for Fortune Tours in Kerala, India, is designed by the Creatabar Interior Architecture firm.

Fortune Tours, a leading Package Tour Operator based in Kerala, unveiled its dynamic office space, reflecting the company’s ethos of adventure and exploration. Situated in Ernakulam North, the design of the workspace draws inspiration from the efficient spatial planning of airplanes and a color palette reminiscent of the sky.

The color scheme, featuring whites, blues, oak finishes, and grey cement textures, creates a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere. White symbolizes transparency and purity, while shades of blue evoke the vastness of the sky and the possibilities of travel. Oak finishes add warmth, and grey cement textures provide stability.

Upon entering the reception area, visitors are greeted by oak-finished walls and a pristine white backdrop adorned with the company’s logo, emphasizing the calmness and peace associated with travel. A world map with a brass finish adds a touch of elegance to the space.

The layout of the office mimics the efficiency of aircraft design, with a central aisle serving as the primary circulation route. The office layout efficiently zones into client service and executive areas. Within the client service section, workspaces are partitioned to cater to different aspects of Fortune Tours’ global operations. Workstations on the left side accommodate teams focused on domestic and international destinations. On the right side, managerial and assistant cabins provide spaces for strategic planning and collaboration, with acoustic panels ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

The design seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, with barrisol lighting illuminating the central aisle and designated areas tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Fortune Tours team. Whether it’s the bustling domestic team, the far-reaching international team, or the specialized Asia, Europe, and U.S. teams, each sector is designed to enhance productivity and foster creativity. Each sector is also distinguished by unique wall paintings resembling airplane windows that represent their respective regions of travel.

Overall, Fortune Tours’ office space embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration, providing a dynamic environment where employees can thrive. With its thoughtful design inspired by air travel, the workspace reflects Fortune Tours’ commitment to creating unforgettable journeys for its clients, both domestically and internationally.

Fortune Tours
Paramara Rd, Ernakulam North, Kacheripady, Kochi, Kerala, India
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2)
(390 m2/ 4200 ft2)