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Besday Bakers

Creatabar’s newest venture, Besday’s structural intent is self-evident at a glance.

The intentional fixing of creepers on the facade gives the whole of the building a free, almost natural feeling. The eye-catchy facade is crafted with a mix of MS pipe frames and white meshes. The frames are painted with kurkuma yellow and highlighted with profile lighting. The mesh is diligently placed to offer maximum ventilation to the kitchen and upper floors.

An outdoor counter with dining assets, along with a wooden high table and barstools are set up. The counter is set with wooden textured ceramic flooring, polycarbonate roofing and fencing with the support of the roof, acting as a partition to the parking area.

Paired with the soothing kurkuma yellow, and the attractive mesh highlights, the whole ambiance of Besday is sure to make all its visitors in a positive mood for the day.

Besday Bakers
Eranakulam, Kerala, India
_____ 2022
2000 Sq Ft