The Element of Wood

The presence of a wooden or earthern texture in an interior is quite important to many, and rightfully so. To incorporate the natural flavour of the environment into a human creation, excites in the most beautiful way. The sleek and textured finishes of wood that we have grown familiar in many of our buildings have become an unavoidable part of our aesthetic sense of beauty and architecture. 

Wood or earthern colours like clay or deep gray create a calming ambiance to settle you down. Our love for wooden crafted decors might come from our ancient bond with trees where we used it for almost everything. And as such, we have subconsciously considered it to be an essential and premium factor of our home decorations. Wooden chairs, tables, sofas, staircases, doors all exude a sense of down to the earth flavour and a liberating feeling which the steel innovations of the modern style certainly lack.

Many are now on a quest to craft whole wooden homes, but the harm to our environment is the only thing holding them back. For now, a replacement is made available in the market, a cheap and look-alike replacement for wood called engineered wood which is actually a mix of hard wood and another substrate. If you want an even cheaper option, it is better to go for a vinyl flooring which absolutely does not loose out to anything! Especially considering how Vinyl has transformed from a cheap knock off to a product that could have it’s own footing.

Many use the wood ‘element’ to furnish their floors, craft it into magnificent furnitures, or have it as some practical asset such as a bookshelf or even an attic ladder. The sense of elegance that wood provides a home is unequaled in many aspects. The scent, the heavy ambiance, the mere presence of it! Paired with dark decors like leather seats, carpets, window shades and pale gold lighting wood brings a normal room into a regal standard!

Many but now are concerned with the effect such an extravagant use of wood might have on the environment. And to that, there is a simple yet sustainable solution, plant more trees than you take, a hundred for 10 should be more than enough to carry the absence of the tree and the time required fir the seeds to grow into their proper selves. Man cannot live without utilising nature- the trick is to make it bearable, sustainable and economical. As for the wood element, it is not going to lose it’s popularity anytime soon and will keep on adding that extra pinch of nature into our architecture!