Live Specis

The ambience of an office is quite key in considering how the dwellers of it perform there! A stoic atmosphere will force the workers into a no-nonsense schedule and workflow , which will definitely grant short term benefits. But on the long run of things, we have to take into consideration the mental well being of the workers and prepare the office space to be in accordance with that state of mind. And the most efficient way of keeping the mind, both energised and ready for work is to add some dynamic elements into the mix. These may and can include living species – both flora and fauna(to an extent).

Office space pets like fishes and hamsters and parrots are becoming more and more of a thing in the mainstream style that has governed the ideals accredited to making the traditional office space. These pets or living species make the office all the more dynamic and much more engaging than it’s mundane counterpart. The dallying swim of the fish and recurrent antics of the hamster and the chirp of the parrot become welcoming distractions in a long tiring day of work.

Excluding the mental and social benefits of such an arrangement, we must also look into how many architects has incorporated such a ‘Living’ dynamic into the original aesthetic standards. Many use aquariums as an aesthetic switch or highlight for the space to ficus into, thus creating a contrast with it’s ever changing system of life. The slow purr of the water and air filters , the soothing display of the aquatic habitat and the entrancing dance of the fishes is sure to provide a rich and lush feel to the whole of the area. Usually this arrangement is made in the lounge or in a relaxing area. The hamster cages and bird boxes, together with many household plants will make the office come to life both figuratively and literally!

Many varieties of plants accompany the office workers right at their personal space and acts as a coolant or reminder of a stable space in their mind that reduces or makes it easier for them to complete a project! Together with air cleansing benefits and that fresh smell that lingers throughout, the involvement of greenery in architecture is always welcome in all sense.

The actual implementation of the living species accommodation is varying from place to place. The involvement of these pets may bring about a higher morale, better productivity, increased communication , better collaborations and a customer draw! The establishment and continuation of such a standard will make it easier for more live changes in the office! New aesthetic modes of releasing tension and workloads can be put forward on the basis that a distracting thing like a pet can actually outweigh it’s dubiousness with overall efficiency!