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We are extremely delighted to introduce our new global concept for the most famous Chicking branch in Palakkad, Kerala! Boasting over 2500 sq. ft of space, our innovative concept features a striking blend of minimalistic elements and rustic textures both inside and out.

The exterior façade is a true masterpiece, featuring exposed cement textures, metal structures, red mesh, and metal braces that perfectly accentuate the iconic logo. Adding to the allure is a vertical LED screen that showcases eye-catching ads.

The interior ambiance is elevated by the use of red glass claddings, partitions, mesh partitions, and red brick claddings, all of which create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We have also implemented a separate glass area for kids play with view from the dining. With ample parking and top-notch facilities, Chicking in Palakkad is set to become the ultimate destination for discerning patrons.

2500 Sq ft